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This very colourful 24 page final edition has been despatched to members. 


Two Bowman books have been researched and written in co-operation with relatives of Geoffrey Bowman Jenkins by Colin Laker, past editor of the 'Bowman News' and 'S.T.E.A.M.' journals. The result of six years work, they are part biographical and include every product made under Geoffrey Bowman Jenkins' direction also the pond yacht items designed and manufactured at Ridlington by his son Max Bowman Jenkins. The wartime and early Dereham days of GBJ's cousin and fellow director Captain Bernard Arthur Smart D.S.O. and Bar are covered as is the two men's association "Jentique" furniture.

Both 'Bowman Steam Toys And Pond Yachts' Books 1 & 2  were published in 2009 and were initially marketed by Headley Brothers Limited, The Invicta Press, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8HH. Both are full colour standard works on A4 size 135gsm silk paper, stitched and bound and inside a flexible laminated cover. Book 1 has 262 pages with Book 2 having 296.

To conserve the books, it is recommended to store them flat in a dry room environment.



Book 1 ISBN 978-0-900443-16-9
Book 2 ISBN 978-0-900443-17-6


An all colour 223 page fully illustrated A4 size hardback book
Over 390 photographs and illustrations
The work is very much about a lad who grew up in the cosy terraced streets of the Bradford district of Manchester. Here from a young age, he was immersed in the sight, sound and smells of heavy industry from the likes of Armstrong Whitworth, Beyer Peacock, English Steel, GEC, Mather & Platt and Crossley Brothers. His childhood was interrupted by the War years, and images of the devastation caused by the bombing raids are included.
Very much part of Ron’s formative years was Belle Vue Manchester; with its amusement park, boxing and wrestling venues, dance halls, gardens, greyhound stadium, restaurants, speedway stadium, zoo and much more. During his teens, Ron took up playing the saxophone and played in local dance bands both before and after his spell in the RAF as a Flight Mechanic.
Although becoming a highly trained pattern maker while working for Crossley Brothers, Ron developed a skill and passion for photography and film making. After leaving Crossley’s, he worked for a time at Francis Shaw of Manchester as a photographer & film maker then the National Film Agency of Manchester as chief cameraman and editor, and finally B&S Massey Ltd of Openshaw as their reprographics manager.
Although photography was and is Ron’s passion, he is probably best known for the wonderful model steam boats he manufactured. Whilst trading as “Modeen Marine Steam Models”, his boats and steam engines delighted highly satisfied customers all over the world.
Historic and nostalgic photographs of Manchester are included and hopefully, there is much to interest the toy steam and model boat enthusiast. Reference is made to Mamod, Stuart Models, Chart Steam Models, Mersey Model Co. Ltd, Perico Models, A Thierens & Sons, Lesro Models and MSS with some of the information being previously unpublished.
Now in his 80’s, Ron is still active in Manchester and can sometimes be heard presenting jazz music on local radio or seen locally giving talks on photography.   
ISBN: 978-0-900443-25-1

The launch date was March 2014 and initially it was also available from Headley's of Ashford. Now out of print, it too can now be purchased direct from the author, Colin Laker for £20.00 post paid (UK). This represents exceptional value for money. For further details, please contact